We are committed to responsible and sustainable business practices that deliver value for patients, physicians, employees, investors, and society.

At BTG we invest in developing people, capabilities, and systems to meet the needs of our stakeholders and our growing business in a sustainable and responsible way.

We don’t compromise with the truth, ethics, or integrity. Fostering a culture of responsibility, helps ensure our business will continue to play a role in advancing medicine and improving the health and well-being of people around the world.

In this section of our website we summarise our policies and position on a range of social, environmental and governance topics we consider relevant to our business. We actively monitor how these topics impact our company’s performance and sustainability.

Additional information on the topics determined to have the most material impact on our business is included in our Annual Report.

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    Social Responsibility

    We hold our people and communities in the highest regard and believe that treating people well helps ensure the sustainability of our business.

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    Corporate Governance

    We build trust in all interactions by consistently displaying high standards of ethical and professional business practice. These standards are more than a slogan or a catch phrase – they underpin everything we do and are reflected in the way we do business.

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    Environmental Responsibility

    Managing our resources and protecting the environment are essential parts of our commitment to becoming a more sustainable business. As our company grows, we do expect our use of resources to increase in absolute terms, therefore our approach is to monitor and control this growth through various efficiency initiatives.

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