We’re looking for opportunities where we can add value, including products we can sell through our existing sales channels, or where we can drive further growth by investing in development and commercial activities.

BTG welcomes new opportunities for licensing and acquisition.

Our Business Development strategy is focused on opportunities that complement our current product portfolio, capabilities and overall growth strategy with a focus on late-stage development and marketed products.

Within Specialty Pharmaceuticals this includes Acute Care hospital products while our Interventional Medicine portfolio is centered on Interventional Oncology, Interventional Vascular and Interventional Pulmonology products and devices.

We are open to global or regional partnerships for products that can be sold through our dedicated Specialty Pharmaceuticals hospital-focused sales force and our Interventional Medicine commercial channels.

For Business Development opportunities, please send your enquiries to:
Charles Brigden
SVP, Head of Business Development


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    About Us

    Healthcare is constantly evolving, so BTG never stands still. Inspired by a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we endeavour to meaningfully improve health outcomes and the patient experience.

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  • 15 Jun 2016

    BTG plc acquires Galil Medical

    BTG expands its Interventional Oncology franchise with the acquisition of Galil Medical, a leader in cryoablation

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