Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We create value by acquiring, developing, manufacturing and commercialising innovative products that meet the needs of specialist physicians and advance the treatment of their patients.

Our strategy is to develop leading positions in selected market segments by providing differentiated medical products. We target patient populations who are poorly served by existing treatment options, and who are cared for by specialist physicians with whom we can be partners in the drive to deliver better healthcare.

Our products are drugs, devices or combinations, and are often administered in a dedicated procedure; hence we serve our specialist physician customers through small, highly skilled sales and medical teams. We invest in clinical and other studies to demonstrate patient benefits and cost effectiveness, so that we can achieve appropriate market adoption, coverage and pricing. By providing physicians with new products and procedures that they can be confident address their patients’ needs, we foster strong customer relationships that inform our market understanding and innovation strategy.

    • Product Innovation

      Our innovation team works in collaboration with physicians and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to identify new product development opportunities. We start with the needs of patients and an in-depth knowledge of our customers; we build or acquire the requisite technology solutions and then we deliver products that make a real difference to specialist physicians and their patients. Whether it’s spotting opportunities to improve our existing products or identifying new unmet needs, we are constantly learning from our partners.

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      BTG is the first company to have a commercially available embolic bead that uniquely provides real-time visible confirmation of location during the embolisation procedure and remains visible in follow-up scans. This has the potential to provide interventional oncologists with increased precision and control, and to optimise patient treatment. We are also exploring other options outside of the liver with the development of our biodegradable bead which has the potential to treat patients with benign tumours like uterine fibroids.

      The latest generation of our EkoSonic® control unit is smaller in size to aid portability and convenience in the ICU. It has a clearer, touch screen user interface for ease of use during treatment.

    • Indication Expansion

      We are investing in clinical trials in specific patient populations to expand the approved uses and addressable patient populations of our products, and to provide the high quality efficacy and safety data that give physicians confidence when treating their patients.

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      We are recruiting patients in two randomised controlled clinical trials for TheraSphere®, which if successful could secure PMAs in the US in both HCC and as a second line treatment for mCRC in the liver. These indications would significantly expand the number of patients eligible for our products.

      In December 2015 we announced the successful outcome of the RENEW study, a pivotal US randomised controlled clinical trial comparing the safety and efficacy of the PneumRx® Coil with a medical therapy control group in patients with severe emphysema. We are now progressing a regulatory application with the US FDA, which could lead to US PMA approval in 2017.

      For our Vascular products,  we are investing in a study to explore the use of EkoSonic® in the treatment of chronic deep vein thrombosis and post-thrombotic syndrome and we are developing variations of our
      Varithena® product.

    • Geographic Expansion

      Expanding the global reach of our products is fundamental to our organic growth plans. We have built a platform for international expansion of our Interventional Medicine business. We develop optimum regulatory pathways to gain product approvals in new markets that present significant commercial opportunities, which we then address by establishing our own direct sales forces or through distributor networks.

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      Expansion into Asia is a key goal for BTG, given the high incidence of primary liver cancer. To date, we have established a hub for commercial, regulatory and medical affairs in Hong Kong to develop relationships and support our regulatory and commercial strategy, tailored to each country. In China, we have partnered with SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which sells DC Bead®, and in Japan our partner Eisai Co. Ltd, sells DC Bead®. BTG sells directly through our own sales force in Taiwan and works with distributors in other parts of the region. As a result TheraSphere® is now available in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea and we are progressing plans to gain regulatory approvals in other Asian countries.

      For Varithena®, we are exploring options to gain approval in other geographic markets and in August 2015 the product received approval from Health Canada. We are also making investments to take EkoSonic® into more EU other territories outside of the US.

    • Business Development

      Alongside our organic growth activities, we continue to seek acquisition and licensing opportunities in both Interventional Medicine and Pharmaceuticals.

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      BTG has gained a strong reputation for value creation through acquisitions and in-licensing activities. Our business development strategy is focused on opportunities that complement our current product portfolio, capabilities and overall growth strategy with a focus on late-stage development and marketed products. We typically look for opportunities where we can leverage our existing capabilities in the field of Interventional Medicine or Pharmaceuticals, whether through selling products using an established sales channel or through a new sales team that can be supported by our existing commercial infrastructure.

      In all cases we seek to exploit the full value of these products by investing in development, regulatory approvals and commercial activities. For all products that we look to acquire, we undertake rigorous analysis to establish the potential size of the market opportunity, product lifecycle and competitive threats. We typically focus on opportunities where proof of concept and the safety/efficacy is often a lower-risk approach.

      Having identified suitable opportunities, we look to differentiate our products from others in the medical device sector by investing in studies to generate clinical data that support their approved use.

      In June 2016 BTG completed the acquisition of Galil Medical, a leading provider of cryoablation products for the treatment of kidney and other cancers. Galil employs approximately 100 people globally and is headquartered in Arden Hills, Minnesota, US. Galil owns, manufactures and sells a portfolio of cryoablation systems and needles.

      Visit our Partnering page for more details


Our culture

Key to our success is the quality of our people and the way we conduct our business. Everything we do is guided by our values and behaviours. These are designed to foster a culture that embraces innovation, teamwork and always doing the right thing for the business and its stakeholders. Living our values helps us to recruit and retain the right people, integrate the businesses we have acquired, and ensure that we operate to consistently high standards internally and in all interactions with our stakeholders.

  • 18 Jun 2018

    BTG plc Annual Report and Accounts 2018

    At BTG, we are focused on bringing to market innovative products in specialist areas of medicine to better serve doctors and patients.

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