About Us

A global healthcare company focused on Interventional Medicine.

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BTG's growing portfolio of Interventional Medicine products is designed to advance the treatment of cancer, vascular conditions and severe emphysema.  Our innovative medical technology helps physicians treat their patients through minimally invasive procedures.  BTG’s Pharmaceuticals business provides products that help patients overexposed to certain medications or toxins. 

Healthcare is constantly evolving – so BTG never stands still. Inspired by a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we’re working to meaningfully improve the lives of patients and their healthcare experience.

Our competitive advantage is our dedication to finding smart, often unconventional solutions to complex medical problems. Many of our products combine medicines, device technology and new techniques in order to deliver more targeted treatments. 

We also invest in the clinical evidence that helps demonstrate the value of our products to doctors, patients, and healthcare systems.

Doing what’s right for patients is what gets us to work in the morning. It’s part of our DNA. By staying true to this principle and our values, we’ve earned a strong reputation for the quality of our products and our commitment to innovation.

Whether developed in our own labs or in partnership with clinicians, academics, and other companies, we believe passionately that medical innovation has the power to improve human health.

Imagine where we can go.

  • Leadership

    Our Leadership Team has a broad range of experience and is responsible for managing the business on a day‑to‑day basis. Our Board of Directors come from a wide range of backgrounds enabling us to access a broad knowledge base.

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  • Our History

    We have a rich heritage. Learn about our transformation from commercialisation of intellectual property to medical technology used in minimally invasive procedures.

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  • Our Strategy

    By delivering products that improve patient treatment, and that are valued by clinicians and payers, we will grow our business sustainably and deliver significant value to all our stakeholders.

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  • Why we’re excited about Interventional Medicine

    Our Interventional Medicine therapies aim to make a real difference in the lives of patients and the physicians who treat them.

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  • Values

    We have a strong foundation of core company values. They underpin everything we do and are reflected in the way we do business.

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  • Responsibility

    We invest in developing people, capabilities, and systems to meet the needs of our stakeholders in a sustainable and responsible way.

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