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Employee engagement and well-being

Our HR Policy Guide provides our employees with a reference guide to help them understand the policies and procedures that affect their employment and benefits.

In 2012 we conducted our second biennial employee engagement survey with the Great Place to Work Institute® to provide global and local measurements of employee satisfaction and engagement and we aim to conduct our next survey in September 2014. Our global score has improved compared to two years ago despite significant change, including integration of the Biocompatibles business. Local groups have been formed to engage with employees and tackle any local issues which arose from the survey.

We operate a number of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) in territories where we have operations, to protect and enhance employee satisfaction, mental and physical health. We also believe that this contributes to the retention and productivity of our employees. These free services provide employees and their families with practical information and advice concerning a range of topics affecting health, family, money matters and work.

Training and development

Continuous learning is one of our company values as we recognise that enhancing our capabilities will support our future growth. Every employee has a training and development plan and there is an annual Learning and Development agenda for all employees, encompassing a range of core skills and mandatory training, IT training, EHS training, and Management development. We incentivise and reward values-based behaviour by including a values-based assessment as part of our annualemployee appraisal process.

Understanding our environmental impacts

Our Corporate Responsibility Committee comprises employees from all the main areas of the business, as we recognise that this breadth of knowledge helps us to understand all of our environmental impacts.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct describes the principles, policies and procedures we have developed to promote understanding of, and adherence to, the ethical behaviours that we expect of all employees.