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Research and Development

Preclinical research

Our Animal Ethics Committee meets regularly to review the use of animals at BTG, both in animal research and in the production of our products. Animal welfare is always a key consideration in the decisions that we make. Our policy on the ethical treatment of animals in research ensures that all animal experimentation is performed to the highest standard of ethics, adhering to the three guiding principles of reduction, refinement and replacement. We will only perform studies in territories where animal studies are strictly regulated. Alternatives to animal use will always be assessed and in vitro testing performed as an alternative wherever possible.

Clinical development

We perform our clinical trials in accordance with the listed directives, applicable laws and the global standards of good practice (e.g. Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the Declaration of Helsinki) and summary information on our studies are made available on We always obtain written informed consent from trial subjects by providing fair and balanced information to help them understand the potential risks and benefits associated with participation in a given trial. The rights, safety and well-being of trial subjects are paramount and prevail over any commercial or business interests. We always protect the confidentiality of trial subjects and abide by data protection laws. We have set in place procedures to monitor and report any adverse events during trials to the relevant regulatory authorities.

Developing innovative new products

We plan to take our development programmes to market ourselves.

Our approved products
our critical care

We sell our approved Specialty Pharmaceutical, Interventional Oncology and Interventional Vascular products in the US through our dedicated sales teams and through distributors in other territories.