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Our Approach

Dr Louise Makin Responsibility Photo"Corporate responsibility has become an integral part of our corporate decision-making process. This makes sound business sense, enabling us to benefit from the adoption of sustainable behaviours for the environment and to strengthen our relationships with customers and other business contacts.

Louise Makin, CEO


Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee comprises individuals from across the business, meets quarterly to discuss new trends, set targets and monitor progress. The Committee reports to Rolf Soderstrom, our Chief Financial Officer and the Board member with responsibility for this area of the business.

Reporting areas

Our CR reporting areas, listed below, have been chosen as the most relevant to us and our stakeholders, following a review of our business impacts and a comparison with those of our peers.

Our Annual Report and Accounts 2014 includes a summary of our 2013-14 activities, together with data to help us understand and manage our various community and environmental impacts.

Our CSR data sheet includes a summary of all our CSR data collected over the last two years.


FTSE4Good logoFTSE Group confirms that BTG has been independently assessed according to the FTSE4Good criteria, and has satisfied the requirements to become a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series.


Kempen SNS SRI UniverseBTG is also a constituent of the Kempen SNS SRI Universe, which indicates that we have passed stringent criteria and can be considered a company that demonstrates a clear strategy towards Corporate Social Responsibility.


Doing the right thing

Our Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that high standards of governance underpin the management of our business affairs.

Our culture
our culture

Find out about how we’re building a collaborative spirit, based on mutual respect, where employees have a clear sense of purpose.