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Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors recognise that good corporate governance is essential to running a successful company, and they are committed to ensuring that high standards are maintained to solidly underpin the management of our business affairs.

The Corporate Governance report for the year ended 31 March 2013 can be found on pages 38-45 of our Annual Report and Accounts 2014. The Directors consider that we comply fully with the 2010 edition of the UK Corporate Governance Code published by the Financial Reporting Council.

Our Code of Conduct describes the principles, policies and procedures we have developed to promote understanding of, and adherence to, the ethical behaviours that we expect of all employees.


The Davies Report on Women on Boards

In his report, Lord Davies recommended that all Chairmen of FTSE 350 companies should set out the percentage of women they aim to have on their Boards in 2013 and 2015. FTSE 100 Boards should aim for a minimum of 25% female representation by 2015 and it is expected that many will achieve a higher figure. Chairs were asked to announce their aspirational goals within the next six months (by September 2011).

At the AGM that took place on 20 July 2011, BTG's Chairman issued the following statement:

"We will continue to consider our needs in terms of Board composition as the Company  continues  to  grow. Having regard to gender diversity, we already meet  the  target  recommended  by  Lord Davies’ report, albeit for FTSE100 companies,  of  25%  of  Board  members  being  women.  This  will remain a consideration  to  ensure that we can benefit from an appropriately diverse board."

Our CSR data sheet includes a summary of all our CSR data collected over the last two years.


Committee Terms of Reference and Articles of Association

The terms of reference for the Audit, Nominations and Remuneration Committees and Articles of Association are available by following the links below:

Audit Committee Terms of Reference (PDF - 122KB)

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference (PDF - 147KB)

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference (PDF - 51KB)


Articles of associationArticles of Association
Download document (PDF - 266KB)

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for our company's corporate governance and is ultimately accountable for our activities, strategy and performance.